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Map of Area

Map of  Nature Trail


Paint Creek Nature Trail
Capital Improvements Plan

  The Upper Paint Creek Watershed Association, in cooperation with the Fayette County Commission, seeks to make significant improvements to West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority owned land. The land is between the Wet Virginia Turnpike and Fayette County Route 23 north of the Pax interchange. The exact location is outlined on the accompanying location map.  
  The land is currently underutilized and is used as a dumping ground for trash and debris. The land is accessed by crossing Paint Creek using the existing bridge connecting Fayette County Route 23 and Fayette County Route 23/8. A proposed trail system would be anchored using this right of way that traverses the property.  
  The Plan includes using the West Virginia Turnpike land to leverage adjacent lands along Fayette County Route 23/8 that would offer beautiful scenic vistas of Paint Creek. Other potential property may include land along Paint Creek below the cliffs, to be used to create a trail loop system. With Paint Creek nature Trailís close proximity to the West Virginia Turnpike, the park/trail system could become a successful tourism draw as well as providing economic development benefits to the area Ė both missions of the West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development and Tourism Authority.

Potential Scenic Overlook on Nature Trail

  The park/trailhead would be design to enhance the natural beauty of the terrain as well as becoming a destination along the Paint Creek Scenic Trail, a recently designated West Virginia Scenic Byway/Backway. The Paint Creek Scenic Trail follows Paint Creek from the headwater in Harper, Raleigh County through Fayette County and terminates in Pratt, Kanawha County. The Paint Creek Nature Trailís close proximity to the Plum Orchard Lake Wildlife Management Area, Tamarack, the New River Gorge and the West Virginia Turnpike would increase the tourism value of the regions a whole. The Paint Creek Nature Trail would be developed using West Virginia Parks and Recreation standards, with potential overall goal to join the WV Parkís system, or become an addition to the Plum Orchard Lake WMA.